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The UK is a true melting pot where street names are concerned!

We certainly have our favourites, with over 3000 ‘high streets’ and 2000 ‘station roads’ across the country.

However, there are also some unusual and hilarious street names hidden across our beautiful counties.

11 of the UK’s Most Quirky Street Names

Ha-Ha Road

Located in south-east London, Ha-Ha road has to be one of the most unusual street names the country offers. Unfortunately, the story behind the name is not quite as funny as one would first assume.

Stress is one of the common factors that we can't seem to escape. Even something as exciting as moving house in the Surrey & Hampshire area can trigger a stress response.

The thrill of a fresh start and exploring a new neighbourhood can quickly be replaced by feelings of moving house stress, tension and anxiety.

Moving house stress is familiar to an estimated 13 million movers yearly in the UK. Hence, dealing with it effectively is important for maintaining our well-being during this period.

Time has a habit of racing by doesn't it! If you’re moving in a few months’ time, that date will almost always come around much quicker than you think!

Sometimes it’s best to take a few days off work or clear your calendar to help you pack and unpack. But taking time off work isn’t always possible and you may be looking for other ways to save time when moving house.

If so, we’ve put together our four best tips to help you save time when moving house in the Surrey & Hampshire area so that you can get settled quicker.


Take important steps to make your dream move in the Surrey & Hampshire area come true

So you’ve found the house of your dreams. It’s on the right side of town, near a good school, parks are close by and your commute to work has been cut. Perfect. You know roughly when you’ll be moving and you’ve already started thinking about colour schemes and furniture.

When preparing to sell a property in the Surrey & Hampshire area, you may consider making home improvements to boost value.

Home improvements can play a significant role in elevating the overall charm, aesthetics, and functionality of your property, leading to enhanced appeal to viewers. However, it's important to recognize that not every upgrade you make has to be left behind as a permanent fixture for the new homeowner to inherit.

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