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Out of Hours Emergency Guidance for Fully Managed Tenants

Should you have an emergency outside our office hours please follow the guidance below;

If the property has British Gas Homecare cover (0333 202 9798) or similar cover, please call them in the first instance. You would have been advised of such cover at the commencement of the Tenancy.

For Emergency issues please contact P J Welch on 07876 564630. Do leave a contact number, Property address advise that you are a WPR tenant and provide a brief description of the issue. If there is a leak isolate the water supply to avoid further damage.

*Please be aware that if you call out any contractor and the issue is not deemed to be an emergency you may be liable for the bill.

Helpful Numbers

  • Smell of Gas – contact Transco on 0800 111999
  • Electric power loss – contact 0845 7708090
  • South East Water helpline 0333 000 0002
  • South East Water (out of hours) 0333 000 0365 - if you have no cold water coming from your kitchen tap or have spotted a burst main or serious leak.

Emergencies can strike, despite the best precautions. The first step during an electrical problem, water leak or gas leak is to shut off the flow of electricity, water or gas to your home. Please familiarise yourselves with the location of these shutoff valves and switches.

Emergency Shutoff Valve & Switch Locations

Main water shutoff valves are frequently located near water meters. Your water meter is likely outside near the street. Main water shutoff valves can also be located inside your home under the kitchen sink or other locations. Look for a large valve in the middle of a pipe.

The main electrical disconnect should be located in or near the fuse box familiarise yourselves where it located. If you have a gas supply to the property, the gas shutoff valve will likely be located on the gas inlet pipe next to the gas meter.

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